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or “Heart of the Jungle” is famous as one of the best wildlife-viewing national parks in Asia and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Located in the Terai lowlands of Nepal, it is a mere 20-minute flight from the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.


Wild Life

The park is famous for its success in conservation of the endangered Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros. From about 3000 animals of the species remaining in the wild, 605 are in Chitwan alone; affording excellent photographic opportunities to visitors.

Meet this magnificent animal and a host of other creatures namely tigers, leopards, sloth bears and the unusual looking Gharial (crocodile) which is endemic to the Indian subcontinent. A jeep safari reveals the beautiful Hog deer hidden away among the Elephant grass: one of the tallest grass in the world standing at 4 metres! The excitement continues with a bird count of 543 making Chitwan National Park a nature lovers’ delight.

Meghauli Serai, Chitwan National Park - A Taj Safari Lodge

Chitwan National Park (formerly Royal Chitwan National Park), a UNESCO World Heritage site in Nepal is renowned as one of the best wildlife–viewing national parks in Asia. Home to 605 of the rare Greater One-horned Rhinoceros, of which only 3000 remain in the wild. Meghauli Serai – A Taj Safari is set on the banks of the Rapti River overlooking the core zone of this spectacular lush landscape with the lower Himalayan ranges as the backdrop.


A Taj Safari

• Overlooking the core zone of the Chitwan National Park

• On the banks of the River Rapti

• Excellent sightings of Rhino and Gharial from the property

• Over 500 species of birds

• A range of Jungle activities– walking safaris, elephant feeding and bathing, canoeing and jeep safaris.

• Taj trained hospitality staff and trained naturalists



The architecture smoothly blends fine touches of contemporary design with natural surroundings. There are 30 keys in all, comprising of 1 luxurious Presidential Suite, 16 independent Villas with private-plunge pools and 13 contemporary Rooms.

• Presidential Villa – The Rapti Mahal
• Comprising of two bedrooms, a separate dining and a living room, fully equipped kitchen and a nanny’s room. Perfect for travelling family or group of friends on a spacious area of 103 square meters.
• Offers spectacular views of the Rapti River, a private viewing deck and a private pool.
• Private viewing deck and plunge pool.
• Signature spa treatments in the privacy of your room.

• 16 x Rapti Luxury Villas
• Drenched in pastel hues, these villas create a calming sanctuary in the heart of the jungle.
• Each luxury villa of 83.61 square metres features spacious living areas with great views of the Rapti River and the national park.
• Private plunge pool in every villa, luxurious 5 fixture bathroom adorned with traditional Nepalese stone spouts create a calm sanctuary in the middle of the jungle.

• 12 x Meghauli Deluxe Rooms
• Purposefully styled and contemporary designed rooms of 42.73 square metres with rhino motifs.
• The rooms open up to balconies overlooking the Chitwan National Park and the underlying Terai grasslands or the Rapti River.

• Premiere Rapti Pool - Spa Villa
• Curated with a premium spa courtyard, as guests own private space for relaxation after a long day of outdoor adventures.
• Bedroom opens up to the uninterrupted views of the rapti river with outdoor nook lounges for a cup of coffee, tea or wine coolers.

Guest Areas

Enjoy uninhibited views of the Rapti River from all rooms and guest areas. The Main Lounge- Baithak offers a central fireplace, bar and lounge, sunken deck, infinity pool with river-viewing decks for dining and evening get-togethers, and a private Machan over the river for dining and wildlife viewing.


The plethora of experiences at Meghauli Serai is perfectly complemented by the vast variety of cuisines. Only the freshest organic ingredients go into cooking. This ensures not only an authentic, sumptuous and aromatic but also a healthy, nutritious and wholesome meal each time. Organically grown seasonal vegetables and herbs can be found from our lodge garden, prepared by skilled chefs to help you indulge into gastronomical cuisines.
• Bada Ghar- All Day Dining
• Bar and Lounge
• Rapti Kinara- River view dining deck serving barbeque specialties
• Tharu Village themed Dining- Meghauli is the only property that has its own Tharu Village offering guests a "Gala Dinner" where they feast on authentic Tharu cuisine as they watch Tharu locals perform a signature dance in tune with the folk beat of the Nepalese drum and tambourine. This is done in an open courtyard modelled after a typical Tharu village structurally built with plastered mud, thatched roof, traditional tribal patterns and Tharu wood carvings and ornaments.
• Machan- Small groups can watch the setting sun and enjoy sundowners at the watchtower specially built on an island.
• Anywhere and Anytime Dining- Experience nature and dining at its finest with bespoke private dining. You can choose from the Machan deck- at the middle of the Rapti River, by the Plunge Pool side or by the sandbar to enjoy some sundowners as the sun dissolves into the horizon.



Jungle Activities

Step into the wild as you spot the most exotic, endangered and endemic birds and animals at Chitwan National Park.

Jeep Safaris

• Daily Safaris run twice in specially designed 4 by 4 vehicles and driven by trained naturalists.

• Option to spend the entire day in the Park.

Walking Safaris

• Experience the thrill of sighting One-horned Rhinoceros, birds and other animals from very close quarters accompanied by our expert naturalists.


• Float down the picturesque Rapti River enjoying beautiful views of the Himalayan foothills and spot innumerable wild animals.

Signature Experiences

• Elephant Bathing and Feeding.
• Soaking your worries in the cool ripples of the Infinity Pool.
• Signature Spa Treatments while overlooking the view of the Lotus Pond.
• Savouring a Bonnet Breakfast inside the park.
• A trip to the local Tharu Village.
• Safari Tours by Nepal's best Naturalist Guides.

Wild Kids at Taj

Our young patrons are welcomed with a customised survival kit. The programme offers interesting activities that tie in with nature like learning survival skills from naturalists, making a fire, pitching a tent and baking cookies.


• The park is the last surviving example of the natural ecosystems of the Terai region and covers subtropical lowland, wedged between two east-west river valleys at the base of the Siwalik Range of the Outer Himalayas. The core area lies between the Narayani and Rapti Rivers to the north and the Reu River and Churia Hills in the southern border. The spectacular landscape covered with lush vegetation and the Himalayas in the backdrop make the park an area of exceptional natural beauty.

Flora And Fauna

More than half of the parks vegetation is comprised of the stately Sal trees (Shorea Robusta). These dense thickets are interspersed with more than 50 types of grasses like Elephant grass and marshy oxbow lakes where both the Marsh Crocodile and the long slender-snouted fish eater, the Gharial may be spotted.

Chitwan is best known for sightings of the enormous Greater One-Horned Rhino. The rhino conservation is hailed as a success story, the population being brought back from the brink by timely and effective action. This park is home to 68 recorded species of mammals ranging from the gigantic in the form of the Asian Elephant to the smaller species of rodents, otters and martens. The majestic royal Bengal tiger, leopards, wild dogs and sloth bear can also be spotted.

Chitwan is a bird watcher’s paradise. Due to its closeness to the Himalayas, the park also shelters winter and summer migrants along with more than 500 native bird species. Indigenous and migrant species like Great Hornbill, Ruddy Shelduck, Pied Kingfisher and Red-headed Trogon can also be found. Dense forests, large grasslands and rivers mean that various species of birds from different habitats can make this region their home.

Safety and Security

• Pathways are lit for guiding guests to their rooms along with a security escort.
• Intercoms are used for emergencies.
• Paramedic station is available at the Park.
• Naturalists are trained in animal behavior, first aid and outdoor emergencies.
• Doctor is available on call.

Awards Section

Meghauli Serai- A Taj Safaris Lodge in Nepal has won multiple international awards:
• Robb report’s Best of Best 2017 Winner
• South Asian Travel Awards – The Best Wildlife Resort/Hotel in Nepal
• Best Wildlife Resort/Hotel in South Asia throughout three years.

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Meghauli Serai at a Glance

• Weather: Winters are from November to March, Summers are from April to June. Monsoon is from July to October.
• Temperature: Winters are pleasant with an average maximum and minimum temperature of 20˚C and 10˚C. Summers are hot and humid with a maximum temperature of 40˚C to minimum of 25˚C.
• Best Time to Travel: November to March when game viewing is at its best. April to June is warmer, however wildlife sightings are good. July to October is hot and humid with good wildlife sightings.
• Visa: Almost all nationalities have a Visa on arrival facility.
• Currency: Nepalese Rupee, though INR is easily accepted throughout Nepal.
• Park Closure: The lodge and core zone of the park remain open throughout the year. However, Jeep Safaris are not conducted during monsoons (July to October). All other activities are conducted in the community forests during this time.

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